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Tree care services

Aspect Tree and Garden Services offer all of the following tree care services.

Crown Thinning

The removal of a portion of smaller branches usually at the outer crown to allow more light throughout the crown, reduce wind resistance and weight.

Crown Lifting (or Crown raising)

The removal of the lowest lateral branches to create higher ground clearance.

Crown Reduction

Reduces the height and/or spread of the crown.

Formative Pruning

Minor pruning of young trees to promote good shape and structure.


The removal of top section of the crown.


The removal of the top and branches of the tree to encourage growth at the desired height.


The cutting back of trees and shrubs periodically to stimulate growth.

Dead wooding

The removal of dead, diseased, damaged or crossing branches back to the healthy wood.

Tree Felling

The cutting down of whole tree where space allows.

Sectional take-downs (dismantling)

Cutting down of tree in sections where space is limited i.e. over buildings, etc.

Stump Removal

Complete removal of stump to allow ground to be reused. This would be achieved by either digging the stump out or using a stump grinder.

Other Services

Other tree care services available include:

  • Hedge work
  • Site Clearance
  • Log splitting
  • Espalier Fencing
  • Tree planting
Felling Willow Tree

Felling Willow Tree

Arborist Daniel Forrester felling large decayed and dangerous Willow tree.

Acer Drummondii

Acer Drummondii

Removal of reversion, reduction and reshape of variegated maple Acer Drummondii.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction over lake.



Sectional take-down of dead Wellingtonia tree in confined space.

Poplar Sectional Take-down

Poplar Sectional Take-down

Dismantling of Lombardy poplar.

Commercial Tree Clearance

Commercial Tree Clearance

Extensive works carried out on lakeside trees for Natural England Higher Level Stewardship (HLS).

Espalier Fencing

Espalier Fencing

Espalier fencing for fruit trees.

Tree Guard

Tree Guard

Tree guard around a young fruit tree.





Aspect Tree and Garden Services provide arboricultural services, in West Norfolk and Fenland, for both residential and commercial customers.